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* In January 2017 we launched worldwide our open call for artists to participate in our first edition of ACTUALLY, magazine.The first theme is UNTAMED – WILD – ONGEREPT – SAUVAGE.

* We were overwhelmed by all the contributions and it took us a lot of time to select the best artworks, while not losing the theme out of sight.

* This non traditional art magazine gives everyone the freedom to create an exhibition at home; to decorate your place with some beautiful prints. The artworks are printed, yet unbound, on high quality sheets of different sizes and different kinds to bring out the best of the artwork. The accompanying catalogue will provide you with all the information you need about the artwork and it’s creator.

Additional: on our website you will find interviews with the participating artists. (

We would love to create and present a new edition each year.


The artworks will be printed, yet unbound, on different sorts of high quality sheets with different sizes. This beautiful collection will be presented in an A3 sized carton box (297mm x 420mm).


– Manu Rouxel (photography, France)

– Davy Van Laere (photography, Belgium)

– Anneke Lauwaert (sculpture, Belgium)

– Sofie Jaspers & Sara Dijkmans (photography & visual art, Belgium)

– Dawid Planeta (photography, Poland)

– Sig Waller (painting, Germany)

– Jean-Claude Matthey (linography, France)

– Ritsart Gobyn (painting, Belgium)

– Raphaël de Gastines (painting, France)

– Pauline Bordaneil (writing, France)

– Dziakrank (streetart, Belgium)

– Sozyone (streetart, Spain-Belgium)

– Christine Gruwez (writing, Belgium)

– Bilal Bahir (painting, Belgium-Iraq)

– Radanut Im-oeb (visual art, Thailand)

– Michel Vaerewijck (photgraphy, Belgium)

– Vincent Descotils (photography, France)

– Sara Morris (photography, Belgium)

– Lenny Dauphin (photography, Belgium)

– Tina Oelker (painting, plastic art, Germany)

– Daniel Djamo (visual & plastic art, Romania)

– Bart Vliegen (cartoons, Belgium)

– Swaane Lauwaert (writing, Belgium)

We can’t make this happen without you. Please become part of this campaign, and make ACTUALLY, MAGAZINE a reality.


9000 euros will be used for: 6000 euros prints and box, 2100 euros shipping, 900 euros kick-starter.

If we reach 12000 euros in funding we’ll unlock the luxury carton box edition! At that point all of the magazines will be upgraded to this fabulous nice edition.

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