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ACTUALLY, today we’re living in a complex world where polarisation, consumption and superficiality reign. Everywhere treats are sneaking upon us. A world in which art is being trivialized and banned to the corners of our existence. In which creativity is regarded as unnecessary. A world in which dreaming is being taken from us.
Therefore, we think we have to do what others tell us not to. What others think of as being impossible: we keep on dreaming.

With ACTUALLY, we offer artists and creative people a forum to work around a certain theme. Because we believe that art and creativity touches the untamed that lives in each of us. Beyond the barriers of language and culture. It reaches for the inner freedom that exists in all of us.
That’s why we start with the following theme:

The guidelines are simple: there aren’t any. Everyone who feels related to or inspired by this theme can send us their work. Texts, poetry, drawings, cartoons, painting, plastic art, scenarios, photography, architecture, music,…
Our job: we select and turn it all into a beautiful print. Notice: the editors make a selection based on their eclectic comprehension/knowledge, taste and favour. Sadly, we can’t communicate further on that/go into discussion.
Can art save the world? Probably not. But at least we’ve tried to bring some more beauty into it.
And creating a beautiful book is never wrong.

SUBSCRIPTION: The deadline for proposals is 30th of April 2017.
Format and size: jpeg (max. 5MB) Please add your name and address.

SWAANE LAUWAERT After some hectic years of managing several restaurants in Antwerp (Belgium), Swaane decided to change her life. Together with her family she moved into the mountains of France where they constructed their own house. Swaane writes for Charlie Magazine and is developing ‘art and nature walks’. With ACTUALLY, she wants to combine her love for writing, her passion for art and her organisation skills to bring people together.

TINA SMEDTS Tina started in 2001 as graphic designer and at this moment she lives in Ghent (Belgium). In 2006 she started her own company: de Poedelfabriek in which she transforms the ideas of others into beautiful creations. As a ‘deliverer of beauty’ Tina will be entitled to assemble Actually, into a magnificent whole without losing sight of the uniqueness of every entry.

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